Reviews in haiku

April 18th, 2010

TechCrunch blogger MG Siegler does movie reviews in haiku as a side blog. Brilliant! I am shamelessly stealing the idea and trying some on my own.

Sherlock Holmes

Disappointing film
Political black magic
It gives good trailer


Military bad
Connection with nature good
Still in theaters

The Informant!

Crooked price fixing
Mark Whitacre wears a wire
And he is greedy

500 Days of Summer

He falls for the girl
It’s not what he expected
But life lesson learned

Lars and the Real Girl

Sucks to be alone
But I have a great idea
I will make a friend

The Hangover

Like Dude Where’s My Car
Aimed at the same audience
But ten years later

Drag Me to Hell

I want the new job
But instead I got a curse
Now I’m kind of screwed

Shoot ‘Em Up

What is going on
He screws her in a gunfight
Odd and action packed

Speed Racer

Visual and bright
I like this movie a lot
But no one else does

All the Real Girls

He is a big jerk
She makes him a good person
Until she screws up

Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Cute and sweet at first
But then it gets annoying
Dumb high school drama

American Psycho

Really good satire
Directed by a woman!
Screw you feminists

City of Ember

Really god awful
Good premise but done poorly
I didn’t finish


Dragon is his son?!

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