Two movie blogs I visit regularly

March 31st, 2010

Everyone knows about Rotten Tomatoes and Ain’t It Cool News. Here are a couple of movie blogs you may not have visited yet.

10 Year Old Movies
by Patrick Cassels

Patrick Cassels is one of my favorite College Humor guys, with a wit and writing style far beyond trendy comedy for twenty-somethings. His latest blog is “10 Year Old Movies,” where he reviews movies that came out ten years ago “with the wisdom of a decade’s hindsight.”

Generally, he gives a brief recap/review of the movie itself, with a list of “Year-2000 Trademarks,” and a review from the perspective of ten years later. It’s a brilliantly simple idea that works really well for both popular and obscure movies. Wish I would have thought of it myself!

Created by Korey Coleman
Also featuring Chris Cox, Martin Thomas, Robert Cargill, and Tony Guerrero (all under aliases, known as the Spill Crew) is a more traditional review site, generally sticking to big name pictures. Typical format includes most or all of the Spill Crew (lead by Korey) sitting down and discussing their opinions of the movie, with all of them reaching a rating conclusion at the end of the review. Their individual ratings are then averaged into an overall rating that sums up their recommendation. The rating system is simplified and comedic, yet makes total sense:

Some Ol’ Bullshit
Full Price
Better Than Sex

What I like about Spill is the lighthearted nature of the reviews, yet they still always bring up good points. These guys know film very well (from both amateur and professional standards) and even if you don’t agree with their opinion, you can see where they’re coming from. They all use nicknames when they’re on air, then Korey takes their audio reviews and animates the crew into it. I’m surprised that little element appealed to me so much, but it’s done well and often helps them get their point across, especially when it’s humorous.

My biggest complaint is they talk too much about the movie, and are often guilty of exposing spoilers. They never come flat out and tell you the ending, but sometimes they might as well. As such, I actually never watch their reviews until after I’ve seen the movie. Sometimes I question their ratings (Inglorious Basterds gets a Matinee while Terminator: Salvation is Full Price?!), but overall it’s a fun site for movie culture people. And it’s *really* fun if you agree with their lowest rated movies. Watching the review for Twilight: New Moon is hilarious.

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  1. Sam Rodgers on April 1, 2010 1:30 am

    10 Year Old Movies is great! I’ve never been to Spill much. maybe i’ll check it out.

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