Ideas for ongoing story

February 15th, 2010

I’m not really sure what to choose for the main digital story. I think I’d be interested in doing weekly reviews of movies or shows (last season of LOST, lest I remind everyone). To switch it up, it could be reviews from a character’s perspective. But overall, not really sure what to do for the project. I’m thinking of reviews because I’m a movie nerd.

*Edit* Definitely not going the Lost route — It seems that ChasingLily is on top of it!

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  1. Jim on February 15, 2010 9:16 pm

    A movie blog is my favorite kind. I guess you can also explore video camreviews as well. Think about an angle though which you might frame your reviews, who is your audience? What makes these reviews particularly digital? Perhaps that last question is a rabbit hole, but a worthy one to peruse. How about reviews of the films themselves using clips from the films (YouTube is a gold mine), I always find that effective, and I’ve played with that myself here. My own blog started as a b-movie blog, I’ve had a lot of fun with Dawn of the Dead:

    Which I then made into a mashup:

    That was a blast.

    What movie blogs, sites, etc. do you read? Are you commenting on them? Part of doing reviews will not simply be writing them, but also engaging in the wider conversation around those works that interest you and brining it back to your space.

    A solid idea, let me know if you want to talk move blogs, or movies more generally for some ideas/

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